Beyond the Last Thought: Third Fantasy (2021)

Viola and Piano

Total duration ca. 7' 

Single-movement work

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This work is the second installment in a series of pieces in dialogue with one of my earliest works: my 2009 Fantasy for viola and piano. In 2019 I created a new work by substantially transforming the original piece as part of a composition conference. This “third” fantasy continues that trend, drawing upon the key melodic gestures, chord progressions, and guidepost moments of the original piece to create another new work. Specifically, the brief “diaphanous” interlude near the conclusion of the original Fantasy has become this new work’s foundation, with the original melody and the rich, jazz harmonies of the waltz section continuing to exert their obsessive influence on this series of dream-like meditations. The title is a line from Wallace Stevens’s poem Of Mere Being, whose warm, burnished-bronze images and surreal stasis seem to mirror the pervading atmosphere of this continued inward journey, exploring some of my own foundational musical ideas. The piece was composed as yet another gift in my continuing friendship and collaboration with violist Christopher Lowry. It is dedicated to Sean Leavy, a dear friend and admirer of my work, who deserves more warm, glittering things.


Note to the performer:

If this or others within the viola Fantasy series are programmed or recorded together, it is my personal preference that they not be presented in direct succession, but instead be interspersed among other works. The direct juxtaposition may be interesting for academic comparison, but might be monotonous for an audience’s concert/album experience.