Double Portrait, for String Quartet (2019)

(String quartet: 2 violins, viola, violoncello)

Total duration ca. 5'30" 

Single-movement work

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Performed by Holly Jenkins, Chelsea Kim, Eric D'Alessandro, and Lavena Johanson; sound by Robbie Neubauer

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This piece was composed to celebrate the engagement of my sister Lauren Dayton to Joseph Celentino; it takes the couple’s names as inspiration for its main melodic content, translating their names into pitches, and then linking them together to form the lyrical theme of the piece. “Lauren Dayton” and “Joe Celentino” pervade the piece – all of the musical transformations, transpositions, interpolations, and juxtapositions that occur serve as a metaphor for the journey of a relationship as both partners are changed and enhanced by their consonances and dissonances, alignments and dovetailing, by their individual characters forming a moving, changing journey. The work is dedicated to them, with love.