Healthy Holly's Hidden Hideaway (2021)

Incidental Music

Single Carrot Theatre

Production Run: January 14, 2021 - February 15, 2021


In 2017, Baltimore’s disgraced former mayor removed the confederate statues in the middle of the night and told the public they were being stored in a “pretty safe space.” But where are they exactly and what other secrets are hidden with them?  From the comfort of your home, you will get phone calls from Maryland’s most nefarious characters and honorable heroes as they rely on you in a race to find the secret location of the removed Confederate Monuments and chase missing cash from the Healthy Holly books.

Composed Tracks

Healthy Holly Theme Song

Phone Line Waiting Music (unused)

Ominous Music

Atari-style Natty Boh Barrel-Dodging Music (unused)

Encounter with the Statue in the Botanical Garden

Encounter with the Statue at Camden Yards

Encounter with the Statue at the Natty Boh Factory

Encounter with the "Order of the Wheel" & Chessie Rises from the Deep