The Happy World of Hoodleoos

What is a hoodleoo? It is some relation of the Columbidae family of pigeons and doves, with all of the practical questions about how their wings work like human fingers, what would the purpose of tail feathers be, etc. neatly side-stepped. They’re cute, distant relations of Columbidae with a hobbit-like disposition, that’s good enough. Though they are the adorable, rotund stars of this world, it is the world that they live in, sustain, and maintain, that really has really fired my imagination. Emphasis on leisure, conversation, public transportation, community, sharing, recreational art-marking, accessibility, and unbridled joy have fueled my creations in these drawings, with a number of deeply personal drawings taken from family memories, as well as little jokes paying tribute some of my favorite works of art and locations. The use of bubbles: speech bubbles, thought bubbles, electronic transmission bubbles has been key in these drawings, presenting more than one enclosed picture in a single image. This has struck me as being true to how we live on a daily basis, split between perceptions of our immediate surroundings, and (often equally vivid) imaginings of other places, times, situations, concepts. We think about our future plans, we talk to people about our past plans and what we were thinking about saying in the future which we are currently experiencing. The use of pictures as objects within some of these drawings is an extension of this, as vivid as a thought, but viewable by all. While I do use text in many of these, as much as possible I hope that it is incidental to understanding the story or scenario that unfolds. If some of the illustrations have a puzzling element, I hope that the cuteness of this world’s inhabitants encourages engaging with the stories, to figure out what these busy but unhurried birds are up to! Check back here for updates or view these birds directly on Twitter.

Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror.png