Inkwash (2018)

Clarinet in B-flat, Clarinet in A and Guitar

Total duration ca. 5'45" 

Single-movement work

Dedicated to Laura Bouffard and Leonel Marulanda

Premiered in July 2019

at International Clarinet Fest, in Knoxville, TN
by Laura Bouffard, Leonel Marulanda (Clarinets), and Joey Grimaldi (Guitar) ​

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Inkwash draws upon the effect of inks upon paper in painting. The intricate, spidery lines of India ink that branch out into the rough grain of a sheet of watercolor paper, the sense of distance and atmosphere that this technique can create are visual analogues to the sound world I have tried to craft in this trio for 2 clarinets and guitar. Several ink and watercolor paintings I own by Douglas Johnson were influential in helping me find the mysterious and hazy mood that enshrouds most of this piece, with momentary glimpses of clear light that dot the experience of this piece. The work is dedicated to Laura Bouffard and her husband Leonel Marulanda. Laura was a former Vanderbilt University classmate, and I am grateful to her for the opportunity to write this piece.