Image: Mar de Lurín by Fernando de Szyszlo

(b. 1929-2017). Image used with permission

Mar de Lurín, for Oboe and Guitar (2011)

after paintings by Fernando de Szyszlo

Total duration ca. 4'30" 

Single-movement work


Premiered in October 2011

in Nashville, TN

by Lindsey Reymore and Professor Joshua McGuire

Recording from "Figments, Vol. 2" by Navona Records, performed by Jennifer Slowick and David William Ross


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The paintings of Polish-Peruvian artist Fernando de Szyszlo (b. 1925) were introduced to me by Dr. Michael Alec Rose in the Spring of 2010 and I was transfixed by the vibrant, saturated colors which Szyszlo used, and by the mysteriously ancient quality and subject matter of his art. Szyszlo has produced many series of the same subject, often in varied colors and with different interlopers in each painting. In a manner analogous to music, Szyszlo's artwork is pervaded by motifs which gain their own significance both within each painting and a universal significance within Szyszlo's œuvre. Szyszlo's paintings of the Pacific Lurín from (a coastal city in Peru) are some of his most beautiful and sensuous works. An effect within this series which I have tried to mirror in my musical response is the concept of large-scale stillness and small scale activity, seen in the broad sweeping waves, filled-in with small geometric shapes. Though Szyslo's rendering is not mimetic, it encapsulates the motion of water gesturally and texturally in a uniquely beautiful fashion. This composition is dedicated to Lindsey Reymore and Professor Joshua McGuire.

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