Open-Air: Four Seasons in Landscapes by Ivon Hitchens (2012)

Oboe (doubling English Horn) and Violin

Total duration ca. 12' 

Four-movement work, four interludes

I. Early Winter Walk

- Wind I -

II. Boathouse, Early Morning

- Wind II -

III. Poppies in June

- Wind III -

IV. Terwick Mill

- Wind IV -

Premiered in March 2012

in Nashville, TN

by Lindsey Reymore and Caroline Hart

Listen to a recording of all eight movements of this work on a Soundcloud playlist



Audio clips performed by members of the Lindsey Reymore and Caroline Hart

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Inspired by the paintings of British landscape artist Ivon Hitchens, this duet unfolds over the course of four movements, each inspired by a painting of a different season, and each followed by an interlude (and finally a postlude) called Winds, indicating a change of seasons. This piece came together partially as the result of a collaborative project with the Royal Academy of Music. It is dedicated to the participants in this project: Shelby Flowers, David Gorton, Caroline Hart, Midori Komachi, Carly Lake, Chris Redgate, Lindsey Reymore, Michael Alec Rose, Peter Sheppard-Skærved, Michael Slayton, Ruta Vitkauskaite, and Agatha Yim. The friendship I have sustained with the son of Ivon Hitchens, John, began with this work, a friendship that has gone on to inspire large scale works including From Sombre Lands and Grounds.