Percussion Quartet (2015)

Gongs and Unpitched Percussion:

Perc. 1: Low Nipple Gong, Kathak Bells, Claves

Perc. 2: 20" Tamtam, Earth-plate, Wood-block

Perc. 3: Paiste Nipple Gong (wind gong), Maraca, Shaker

Perc. 4: 20" Suspended Cymbal, Conga Drum

Total duration ca. 10' 

Four movement work

I. Overture

II. Salvo

III. Arioso

IV. Strains

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A four movement work, for a concise ensemble of unpitched percussion instruments, combining dry, wooden timbres with resonant metal instruments. The four movements names were derived from the names of the members of the Milieu Quartet. This work would not have been possible without the close consultation of one of the quartet’s members, Christopher Salvito.