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2.5.20 ‘Landscapes’ Liftoff!


-Album Release in March: "Aspects of Landscape," Music inspired by the World of John Hitchens

-Concert Reminder: Peter's 30th Birthday Concert To Celebrate the Need: February 22, 8pm

-Concert Reminder: Opera Alchemy Performs MAY SHE | SHE MAY: February 28, 7pm


Dear Friends, I have teased and talked about it for more than a year, I have hinted and previewed and promised, and at last, I’m delighted to announced that the album celebrating and chronicling my correspondence with artist John Hitchens has officially hit the manufacturing phase!

This is momentous - an album that took more than a year to put together, but which catalogues 8 years of correspondence and friendship! (read more about the story of our friendship and correspondence here) With albums in tow, I will be flying to England in early March to attend the opening of the exhibition, where I will be performing the piano version of From Sombre Lands and Letters for John. Grounds for string orchestra will be performed in the early summer, marking roughly the halfway point of the exhibition's run (March 13, 2020 to June 27, 2020). Expect another post when the album arrives and is available through streaming services!


Upcoming Concert Reminder: "To Celebrate the Need" - February 22, 2020 at 8pm

Rehearsals have been in full swing for weeks, and I am so excited to share the music that will be premiered on this birthday concert with you. To Celebrate the Need will truly be a powerful experience, primarily because of the talented musicians I have the privilege of working with! Featuring works with horn, with countertenor, and with the entire range of lower voice ranges. Taking place again at the stylish and inspiring Studio 5N! Find out all of the information and RSVP on the Eventbrite page or on Facebook.


Upcoming Concert Reminder: Opera Alchemy Performs MAY SHE | SHE MAY: Friday, February 28, 7pm

Come witness the origin story of Gertrude's move to Paris and relive some of the events of her earliest writings: her first lesbian love-affair, a love triangle with her few fellow female colleagues at Hopkins medical school in 1900. MAY SHE | SHE MAY will be performed on Friday, February 28th in the George Peabody Library at 7pm. Hannah Wardell and Arianna Arnold will reprise their roles from this past August in reenacting the story of Gertrude Stein's first lesbian love-affair and will be joined by Orianna Falla from New York City. In addition to the 25 minute opera, the Alchemy cast will perform selected opera scenes and numbers. The concert will be at 7pm at the Peabody Library (17 E Mt. Vernon Pl, Baltimore, MD, 21202) on Friday, February 28. I hope you will join us!


The new year has already begun with challenges for us all, including keeping warm and hopeful with short days, cold weather, and chaos. I can't wait to share a space of light, warmth, and music with you at the end of the month!


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