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3.10.23 - It's today! All in the Sound Virtual Album Release

Dear friends!

IT'S TODAY!!! I'm very excited to share this music with all of you! You can access the album through any of these digital methods, but I also hope you'll join me in real time for the virtual album release event tonight at 7pm EST.

Like last year's virtual album release, the video will feature previews of album tracks, hand-painted India ink illustrations of the musicians done during the recordings and rehearsals by Douglas Johnson, and interview excerpts about the album! I hope you will enjoy it!

From the liner notes, by Dr. Ryan Koons: "Following his 2022 release, STORIES OUT OF CHERRY STEMS, this latest collection of vocal music by Baltimore-based composer Peter Dayton reinforces his establishment as a mature and formidable talent in the world of art song. ALL IN THE SOUND captures the heart of the genre: duet between voice and accompaniment. Characteristically and integrally, Dayton’s songs exhibit internal compositional logics of pervasive rhythmic patterns and intervallic relationships that create music that still viscerally satisfies. The album takes listeners on a captivating journey through physical, emotional, and abstract imagery. Triumphantly, Dayton’s music realizes the poignancies possible in the duet that is art song."

The crazy part is, this is still not all the music recorded in the summer of 2021! So some time in the future there will be more releases with even more voices who didn't make it onto either of these albums! I am truly inundated with the musical performance talents that surround me here. I can only hope my music does justice as a vehicle to these incredible musicians.



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