Recurring Dream: Second Fantasy (2019)

Viola and Piano

Total duration ca. 8' 

Single-movement work

First Version Premiered in April, 2019

in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

by Roberto Diaz & Bright Sheng

Revised in May, 2019

Final Version Premiered in September, 2019

at New Music DC 2019

at The Catholic University of America

in Washington, D.C.

by Peter Dayton and Christopher Lowry

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Composed for the Intimacy of Creativity call for scores, this work is technically a ‘revision’ of my submitted composition for that opportunity: my Fantasy for Viola and Piano, composed roughly a decade earlier. The contest involves revision as part of actively engaging the composer in the collaborative creative process of workshopping. In my case, in evaluating my work for final selection, composer Bright Sheng challenged me to create a work less abruptly sectional out of some of the most memorable material from the Fantasy, essentially strip-mining that earlier work out of which to forge a new work. A fascinating challenge with a limited time-frame, Recurring Dream: Second Fantasy for Viola and Piano stands either in contradistinction to the original Fantasy or on its own. The primary melody, the waltz-like, filme noire theme, melancholy tone, and contrast of moods and colors of the original are all retained and recast in this new work – with a continuous thread running between the viola and piano parts as they travel down new musical pathways, like a dream whose elements remain the same but the order has been jumbled. Considering how many of my works are inspired by other artists, it seems somewhere between poetic justice and a logical extension of my creative practice to compose a piece inspired by my own work, from the distance of ten years. This second fantasy is dedicated to Christopher Lowry, who has sustained the life of the original Fantasy in performance over these many years.