Sonatina (2013)

Viola and Violoncello

Total duration ca. 5' 

Single-movement work


Premiered in July 2013

in Athens, GA

by Megan Chisom Peyton and Justin Dougherty

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Audio clip performed by Megan Chisom Peyton and Justin Dougherty

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The Sonatina was commissioned by Justin Dougherty to fit on a program between the cello sonatas of Sergei Rachmaninoff and Eliott Carter. Developing a motive from the piano part of the first movement of the Rachmaninoff Sonata, sprinkling the piece with gestures from the Carter, the piece is composed in a modified Sonata Allegro form. In the close interlocking of ranges and interchange of melodic lines, the Sonatina weaves an atmosphere of cautious intimacy.