Soupir, for Violin and String Quartet (2009)

(Violin and string quartet: two violins, viola, violoncello)

Total duration ca. 4'30" 

Single-movement work


Premiered in November, 2009

in Nashville, TN

by Eva Walsh, Rachel Schlosberg, Meredith Vaughan,

Alex Grimes, and Justin Goldsmith

Listen to a recording of this work on Soundcloud

Audio clip performed by Eva Walsh, Rachel Schlosberg,

Meredith Vaughan, Alex Grimes, and Justin Goldsmith

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Originally conceived as the middle, slow movement of a chamber concerto for solo violin and string quartet, this piece takes its name from the French word 'soupir,' meaning a sigh. The work's hushed, intimate tone, speaks of a quiet and delicate emotional territory, building from a calm state to a crisis, and then relaxing back to a contented resolution. This piece is dedicated to Eva Walsh.