Still quiet, quite still (2014)

Orchestra: glk/vib/mscym/ltam/sd/cym/tri-1harp-strings 

Total duration ca. 5' 

Single-movement work


Listen to a recording of the version work for violoncello and piano on Soundcloud

Audio clip performed by Joseph Staten and Sean Calhoun

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An orchestration of my work by the same name for violoncello and piano, the title of the work comes from a contemplative poem by a friend, cellist Ryan Mahon. Composed between a festival in the Rocky Mountains, and my move from Nashville, TN to Baltimore, MD, the work’s melodic material comes from a musical translation of significant names from that time, both personal and geographic. Beneath the still, quiet surface of the work’s beginning, pockets of deep emotion and impulsive enthusiasm bubble up occasionally. A piece of sometimes unexpected transitions, the undercurrent throughout is one of quiet assurance.