Suite (2011)

Flute and Clarinet in B-flat

Total duration ca. 10' 

Four-movement work

I. Pastorale

II. Divertimento

III. Ostinato

IV. Finale

Premiered in October 2011

in Baltimore, MD

by Sarah Wood and Zach Manzi 

Listen to a recording of all four movements of this work on a Soundcloud playlist



Audio clips performed by members of the Sarah Wood and Zach Manzi

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The Suite presents four contrasting short pieces for two treble instruments. The first movement develops a series of short but broad vignettes, many based on nervous energy of the trill. The second is a comical exchange of melodies between the instruments with a jumpy accompaniment. The third movement is a slow and mournful meditation on a largely unchanging idea. The fourth movement, like the first, presents a number of short ‘scenes,’ in which some past ideas briefly resurface before the piece ends in an abrupt tumble.