Variations, for String Quartet (2012)

(String quartet: 2 violins, viola, violoncello)

Total duration ca. 11'30" 

Single-movement work

"Tema: Amoroso et sostenuto", "Var. I: Furioso", "Var. II: Piacevole", "Var. III: Fugato: Allegro marziale", "Var. IV: Celeste", "Var. V: Cadenza: appassionata", "Var. VI: Lamentoso", "Var. VII: Cadenza: tragico", "Var. VII: Sostenuto e lontano"

Premiered in June 2013

in Cincinnati, OH

by members of the Price Hill String Quartet

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Recording from Notes to Loved Ones, Music for Strings and Piano by Navona Records

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This quartet was composed in the spring of 2012, following my return from an exchange program with the Royal Academy of Music in London. Rather than moving in a slow gradation of change away from the source material, each variation addresses the original theme through contrasting styles and treatments, often moving directly between polar opposites. The work was premiered at Grace Episcopal Church in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2013 by members of the Price Hill String Quartet at a benefit concert for the marriage equality group Freedom to Marry Ohio.