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11.20.20 Happy Birthday, President-Elect Biden

Dear Friends,

Today is the 78th birthday of President-Elect Joe Biden! And in exactly two months from today, he will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States, and, if Democrats are able to win two Senate seats in Georgia in their Runoff Election, maybe the nightmare of non-governance, grift, and proto-fascism will finally end. With the soon-to-be trespasser in the White House and his cronies continuing to erode the very cornerstones of Democracy through attempts at felonious tampering, outright lies, and legal (and literal) clownery, here are some suggestions on tangible ways that you can help wish our incoming President a happy birthday.

The process of a peaceful transition is being held up by a despicable Trump-administration appointee, head of General Services Administration, Emily Murphy, who refuses to sign the papers certifying Biden's clear victory and obstructing the smooth transition of power. Without access to classified information and the full state of the current Presidential administration, a Biden administration is going to be unprepared from day 1 when it comes to dealing with issues ranging from the pandemic and vaccine distribution to any kind of stimulus response to the economic ravages. People will suffer and die because there are too many accomplices to this disgusting mix of theatre to appease a megalomaniac's insatiable, wounded ego and haphazard coup d'état.

Make your voice heard! Get in touch with your representatives and tell them to tell Emily Murphy to #SignThePapersEmily. Republicans seem determined to go down with this fascist ship, but maybe there are one or two whom are elected in your state who can be convinced by enough communications.

It's incredibly easy using ResistBot! Just text the RESIST to 50409, and then text GSA to add your name to the petition.

Georgia On My Mind

It cannot be stressed enough that if, when the new Congress and President are sworn in, Mitch McConnell still controls the Senate, he will obstruct everything Biden attempts to do, regardless of how much suffering and death it will cause. His priorities during the pandemic (during his entire career) have made that quite clear. Democrats NEED to take both Senate sits in order to prevent McConnell and the Republicans from kneecapping our future. If you vote in Georgia, here are the key dates for the Runoff Election:

  • Voter Registration Deadline: December 7, 2020

  • Early Voting Start Date: December 14, 2020

  • Runoff Election Day: January 5, 2021

Use this website to find resources on polling locations and voter registration in Georgia.

And, again, if you'd like to make President-Elect Joe Biden a little birthday present, I'm sure helping him get a Senate that would not obstruct his recovery agenda would be very appreciated. Here are some of the most effective places you can donate:

Happy Birthday, President-Elect Joe Biden! Two months is a long time to wait...


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