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11.23.20 Upcoming (Online) Performance Announcement: Weds, Nov. 25 at 8pm EDT

Dear Friends,

I hope you will join me on Wednesday, November 25, at 8pm EDT for an evening of piano music. In order to keep our loved ones, ourselves, and our communities safe, Doug & I are not gathering for this week's national holiday.

Usually, I would be playing piano at home, Thanksgiving being the the yearly inauguration date of playing music from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special songbook, as well as other jazz standards and relaxing classics; my sisters would be doubtless continuing their respective exhausting reading workloads, while mom would be using the love language of food to celebrate our homecoming, while dad would be amusing the mostly placid, occasionally explosive puppies.

I won't be playing in the living room this year, but maybe you'll allow me to spend some time with you within the four corners of your screen and I can share with you some of the sounds of family that hopefully we will be able to share again next year in person.

I will sending out another blog post/e-blast at the start of the livestream with an embedded video. If you would like to participate in the chat (though I will only be able to read it later), you can watch on YouTube by clicking on the link here.

You can also come back to this blog post/e-blast and use the embedded video below to watch when the time comes.


Were this a different year, or perhaps even this year, were we to have been led by a president and a coordinated federal response that cared about solving this pandemic, maybe we would all be gathered. Thanksgiving is not a happy holiday for everyone but maybe a steadier hand at the wheel of government (heck, any hand at the wheel of government instead of being too concerned with the driver or the nine-iron) will mean less chaos in our own lives, more chances to correct injustices, and a better, safer world where we can enjoy each other's company again.

It's important to remember that a Biden administration that can govern beyond executive orders will essentially be impossible if Mitch McConnell controls the Senate. So, while Trump has shown us that the executive can get away with a hell of a lot (especially with so many spineless cronies willing to help), we do need a functioning bicameral legislature in order to really deliver to Americans the progress and aid that is needed. The Georgia Senate Runoff races matter enormously. I'm continuing to include the best places you can donate to help make a crucial difference in the future of our country, in the hopes that you will join me in chipping in. Trump is only the pustular embodiment of a movement of unmasked white supremacy, misogyny, homophobia/transphobia, oligarchy, and anti-science that has been building over my entire lifetime. Removing Republican obstruction is a precondition to any progress for the millions suffering in America. We need these seats to be Democrat-occupied. Please donate:

Please continue to stay safe, sane, and heathy. Please continue to distance and wear masks. I can't wait to see you again in the brighter year of 2021, and look forward to being with you in sound and spirit on Wednesday.


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