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11.25.20 Performance Reminder! Peter Dayton's TwentyTurkey Music Special

Dear Friends,

Join the Livestream for tonight's 8PM EST performance on YouTube by clicking on the link here.

Or just use the embedded video below to watch when the time comes.



(Learn more about the native land you are listening from at

We acknowledge, with humility, that the lands from which this Livestream is being broadcast are the traditional and ancestral lands of Piscataway, Lenape, and Susquehannock Indigenous peoples. Present-day Baltimore City was a vast coastal area that sustained Indigenous peoples until the arrival of Europeans from the 1600–1700s. Over the next 400 years, many Piscataway communities were decimated to low numbers, absorbed by larger villages and tribes, and/or forced by the US federal government to move west beyond the Mississippi River with larger tribes. Although Susquehannock elders ceded this land to the English by treaty in 1652, it was likely held in common among several tribal peoples and not exclusively theirs to cede. Along with Piscataway communities to the south, Lumbee and other Indigenous peoples in diaspora are still here. On January 9, 2012, two tribes of Piscataway heritage: the Piscataway-Conoy Tribe and the Piscataway Indian Nation became the first tribes recognized by Maryland. We acknowledge we are standing on stolen lands. We also we honor the thousands of enslaved Africans whose lives were physically and spiritually stolen, and brought to Maryland through the European Transatlantic Slave trade. We pay respects to their elders, past and present.

(Language adapted from the Rare Books & Manuscripts Section of the Association of College & Research Libraries 2019 Conference website and from the US Department of Arts & Culture publication "Honor Native Land: A Guide and Call to Acknowledgment." Additional consultation provided by Ryan Koons, Ph.D.)


Still Time to Donate

I encourage you to donate to these voter-organizing groups that are fighting the fight to win Georgia's Senate seats in the January 5 Runoff. We need a functioning Senate, which means a Senate in which McConnell is no longer majority leader.

See you soon!


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