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12.28.20 New Year's Lounge Music

Dear Friends,

I hope those of you celebrating this past week were able to share in some warmth, light, and comfort one way or another. Thank you to everyone who tuned in for my Virtual Solstice Solace Special. We're still working on fine-tuning our presentation tech over here - hopefully each subsequent version will be an improvement on the last. While last Monday's music was on the softer, more contemplative side, I would be honored to be the lounge pianist for each of our private, COVID-19 safe New Year's celebrations. On Thursday, December 31st, starting at 8pm, put this next livestream on in the background and sip on the bubbly drink of your choice as we bid farewell to the calamitous year that has been 2020, and suit up for the struggle towards justice and safety that 2021 will be. I hope you'll join me!

GA Senate Runoffs Plug

The Senate Runoffs take place on January 5th, so you won't be hearing about this much more, but it will mean the difference between a functional legislature where we can begin to claw our way out of the pit that Republican governance has gleefully dug for this country. There is still time with the Georgia Senate Runoffs to donate to the organizations that are enfranchising voters in Georgia.


Stay safe!


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