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4.2.2022 - Live Concert Coming Up! (& Duo Sila colleague spotlight)

Dear Friends,

Even as we're beginning to see another rise in COVID numbers, we're being told by power-holders and decision-makers that we're moving past this pandemic. I hope you continue to do what our country fails to and consider the safety of your neighbors and communities. Viruses don't disappear because that would be better for business. I realize that, in the next breath from my saying that, I am inviting you to an in-person event. We'll continue to monitor the situation, but if we deem it safe, I hope to see you at this chance to share, live, some of the music that Katie Procell, an elite corps of Baltimore musicians, and I all worked on this past summer. This concert will feature amazing performances by soprano Katie Procell, saxophonist Kyle Blake Jones, flautist Amanda Dame, violist Eric D'Alessandro, and harpist Erin Baker, performing pieces by me and composer Lori Laitman.

In acknowledgment of the continuing risks that we face (especially by premature removal of safeguards):

  • all attendees will be required to be masked during the event

  • all attendees will be required to show proof of vaccination

  • total space occupancy is limited to 50 people (including performers and me)

Because of the occupancy-limit of this event, we won't be selling tickets onsite, tickets must be purchased in advance to ensure an accurate maximum headcount. All ticket sales will go to the performers!

I hope you'll join us for this lovely event, set in Baltimore's historic Cli Mansion.


Colleague Spotlight: Duo Sila - Traditions Reimagined

In preparing the physical program for this upcoming concert (something I've always loved doing and very much missed during the last two years), I discovered that one of the brilliant performers, flautist Amanda Dame, has a recent album release as well. Together with percussionist Christina Manceor (whom I went to Peabody with and who joined me on an episode of the podcast Pause and Listen) as Duo Sila, they have released a fascinating collection of pieces for flute and percussion called Traditions Reimagined. True to its name, this fantastic CD of fantastic performances provides an imaginative range of music infused by different musical traditions from around the world, with the advantage of a percussionist bringing to the table more than a single instrument but an entire arsenal of timbral possibilities to pair with the flute's diverse colors. I especially enjoyed the Southeast Asian musical traditions reflected in Kembaling Suling. As someone who has devoted lots of listening time to traditional Japanese music, the second movement was a beautiful homage. Harbison's interpretation of ancient Greek music and Duo Sila's excellent performance of it resonated with me in Ariadne, as I have several times looked to Classical literature for my musical inspiration (including a piece I'm currently working on). While I'm honestly not a big fan of much of Harbison's chamber music, this piece and Duo Sila's performance brought to life less of the white-pillared world of Erik Satie's Socrate and more of the visceral, earthy world of Cacoyannis's The Trojan Woman. The Piazzolla Tango-Etudes are just a fun ride - while I have usually heard Piazzolla's tangos undergirded by rich harmonies, these spare pieces with rhythm percussion create an entirely different atmosphere than I'm used to hearing with his music: a refreshing change. The album ends with the lovely Clair de Lune, arranged by Dame and Manceor and gorgeously executed. With a limited range on the vibraphone, the arrangement still captures the depth of the harmonies and create a peaceful, nocturnal atmosphere while the Dame floats cloud-like through the melody. Their arrangement is also available for sale on the same page that you can purchase either a physical or digital copy of the album. Head over there and give it a listen and a purchase! Congratulations, Duo Sila!


Continue to do what you can to keep yourself and others safe. We're being told that we're on our own by the people who are abandoning us to this fate. We must band together, therefore, so that we're not on our own, but will continue to fight through this pandemic with each other's health and safety in mind as much as our own.


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