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4.9.20 Short-notice announcement! Peabody broadcasting Peter's music tomorrow night!

Dear Friends,

Two posts in such close proximity! One of the disadvantages of not being on Facebook is that I am less in the loop about things that are happening on and through Facebook. However, one of my colleagues just informed me that Peabody Conservatory's facebook page will be broadcasting the 2017 live premiere of my string orchestra piece Grounds, conducted by Alan Buxbaum! The broadcast will start at 7:30 PM EST on Friday, April 10, and will also include works by Gustav Mahler and Gu Wei.

The performance captured in this video is also featured on my recently-released album Aspects of Landscape: Music Inspired by the World of John Hitchens. Inspired by my visits to John Hitchens's bucolic part of West Sussex, Grounds is a pastoral walkabout for string orchestra; hopefully considering how much time we are all spending indoors, this sound will transport us all to a place with wide-open horizons. The work inspired John Hitchens to create a new painting (you can see it in the background of the photo below! )

In our current world of canceled performances, I am startled and heartened to ADD a performance to my calendar. I hope you will tune in!



Peter playing piano in front of John Hitchens's painting that was inspired by Peter's piece "Grounds"

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