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photo by Douglas Johnson


Nathan Faro, American Record Guide

"Dayton's compositional range is impressive; his emotional, personal touch remains consistent. There is plenty to enjoy in this fantastic album. I look forward to hearing more from him."

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Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine

"Dayton’s setting [of "By Disposition of Angels, text by Marianne Moore] is highly beautiful, its dissonances moving the listening into an interior space. The world of the second setting, that of Vicki Hearne’s The Tree That Plucks Fruit is more mobile, an almost kaleidoscopic patchwork that leads to the lushness of Midsummer (text William Bronk) where solo voices radiantly illuminate the glowing harmonic basis. This is a lovely piece, lovingly performed." 

Casey Mullin, Violist, co-commissioner of the Sonata for Viola and Piano

"...This experience will live with me for a very long time, and it is no exaggeration (though perhaps partly influenced by post-concert afterglow) to say that this is a new high watermark in my musical life."

Stephanie Ann Boyd, American Record Guide

"...a composer whose heart and care are palpable. His melodic sensibilities are at center stage...Dayton is a young composer who has a voice that deserves to be heard often."

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Holly Harris, Winnipeg Free Press

"Dayton’s lyrical sensibility is immediately apparent..." 

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Tim Smith, Artsmash Critic, Baltimore Sun

"Dayton's choice of poetry in the "American Masses" suite -- John Ashbery's "Just Walking Around," May Swenson's "I Will Be Earth," Ronald Johnson's "The Core" -- is as astute as his settings. With a refined sense of melodic arcs and harmonic motion, Dayton expresses the essence of each text tellingly."

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Fernando de Szyszlo, Painter, Winner of the Order of the Sun of Peru:

"Thanks to you for the pleasure you have given me with your music and for understanding what I search for in painting."


Brett Harper, Executor of the Estate of Charley Harper:

"[Peter] not only has permission to use my late father's artwork per his request, but he has my insistence that he do so."

John Hitchens, Painter, Executor of the Estate of Ivon Hitchens [writing about the orchestral version of From Sombre Lands]:

"Deep extremities, broad sonorities, intent on their own journey. Some delicious complex chords of poised grace and intent, and floating cadences of suspended thought. Towering sound structures with shafts of light..."

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