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2.8.21 Vanderbilt Virtuosi Kickoff Tonight!

Dear Friends,

The day is upon us! The album of wind music composed mostly by Blair composers and performed by the brilliant Blair wind faculty and friends, Vanderbilt Virtuosi is now available for purchase/download. I am honored to be sharing airtime with such personally important colleagues, Michael Alec Rose, Michael Slayton, Sean Calhoun, and Alyssa Weinberg. In addition to now being able to purchase or download Vanderbilt Virtuosi, you can hear my contribution to the album performed on a kickoff concert livestream at Vanderbilt University tonight at 9pm EST (8pm CST).

Use this link to go to the landing page for the event, it includes the link to the livestream when the time comes.

In addition to the performance this evening, the featured composers were each invited to make a short video about their piece, which would be shown during some COVID-necessary sanitizing/sterilizing that will cause a short interval in the concert. Unfortunately, this idea was abandoned due to a lack of interest (or response, possibly) from the other composers. However, I had already made an introductory video for my piece and I think it gives a nice overview of Mar de Lurín, after paintings by Fernando de Szyszlo. So for you, dear friends, a bonus featurette for tonight's concert.

Congratulations and my deepest gratitude again to Jared Hauser and to Richard Todd for their spectacular performance of this piece! I hope you'll join me for the show this evening.



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